Emarketing Solutions

  1. Email and Online Newsletter Marketing
    Email Newsletters - Creating, Delivering, & Tracking
    Online Newsletters - Publishing, Archiving, & Landing Pages
    • Create professional looking email newsletters easily
    • Import and Send your own email newsletter
    • Easy-to-use pre-made and customized template-based services available
    • Acquire new subscribers from list builder
    • Enhance relationships and increase the value of subscribers
    • Maximize and measure the ROI
    • Integrated email marketing solution with measurable results
    • No up-front cost, it's always FREE for contacts under 100
    • Integrate your online Newsletter archive directly from yo
  2. Landing Pages and Microsite
    Keep Customers Focused on Relevant Information onto Landing Pages
    • Engage customer to find your unique offers, more detailed information links from emails, banners or other sites with links to your landing pages with more relevant information.
    • Create relevant news or full story page, special promotion detail pages faster and generate better marketing results.
    • Reduce the cost of web content production.
    • Less time to create and publish new web content to meet business critical missions.
    • Easy to use content creator template, NO html coding skills needed.
    • Create content focus from a higher marketing objective level for news release, products with efficient image and message library
    • Automated content publishing makes marketers work much easier
    • Deliver new content and maintain it globally and track all recipients activities
  3. Lead Capture and Contact
    Leverage Your Web Marketing Power!
    Acquire More Qualified Leads with Web Forms
    • Easy, Wizard-Based Web Forms Creation
    • Automatic Database Integration For Easy Management
    • Capture Online Leads and Subscriptions
    • Acquire High Quality Leads
    • Automate Your Event Registration Process
    • Qualify Leads and New Subscribers
    • Manage Leads and Web Registrants
    • Run Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Setup Web Forms with Online Surveys

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