Pay & Play

HTML Email Marketing has a Flexible Monthly or Yearly plan, Quantity Pack (valid for one year) to meet your business needs, where email marketing and web marketing offer the best pricing and ROI!

  • Flexible monthly or yearly plan for your choices.
  • Great pre-paid email quantity credit value.
  • No list hosting charges.
  • No setup fee to start.
  • Remember, it is always FREE for under 100 emails per month!
  • 1.   Flexible Monthly or Yearly plan   Plan that adjusts for you.

    2.   Quantity Pack

    Quantity pack 100,000 emails valid for one year period $425.00 only
    Quantity pack 500,000 emails valid for one year period $1350.00 only

    3.   Web Marketing   Customers may purchase Web Marketing and other       services anytime.

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