Anti-Spam Policy

Ebiz Gateway (a division of HTML Email Marketing) provides permission-based email management, delivery and tracking services for clients who own their own lists of customers, members, employees or other people who have given permission to send email to them.

Ebiz Gateway will not, under any circumstances, tolerate the use of its HTML email delivery application to send unsolicited email (SPAM). All registered clients must follow the Federal CAN-SPAM law and are fully responsible for all liability if any Spam damage occurs. Ebiz Gateway will only support permission-based email marketing campaigns. That means that every recipient in a client's list must have given his or her permission to receive email from the client. Ebiz Gateway has a zero-tolerance policy and will immediately terminate the account of any client using Ebiz Gateway to send SPAM. This policy is designed to protect the integrity of the Ebiz Gateway platform for all of its clients with legitimate permission-based lists.

Ebiz Gateway requires all clients to agree to the terms and conditions of its Service Agreement, Privacy Policy and Anti-Spam Policy during the sign-up process. All registrants must use their valid business email address in the sender "form" filed (not a third party Web email address such as Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc…) and must submit their actual business license's postal address.

Ebiz Gateway inserts an unsubscribe link in all messages to all recipients across all campaigns and all clients. Once a recipient has unsubscribed, the Ebiz Gateway application will never allow the user send future email messages to that address from that client.

Ebiz Gateway does not rent or sell lists of any type or description, nor does it allow its clients to transmit email to non opted-in email lists.

How To Report Spammers

If you suspect that Ebiz Gateway has been used to send SPAM, please contact us immediately at abuse@ebizgateway.net and we will investigate accordingly.

It is Ebiz Gateway's policy to never provide your - our customers - personal information to third parties without your express permission or only in instances where such disclosure is necessary to process transactions or provide services that you have requested. We do not release personal information about you as an individual. The only exception to this policy: If Ebiz Gateway is compelled to do so by an appropriately empowered governmental authority. Ebiz Gateway only does business with partners who agree to respect our Privacy Policy.

Ebiz Gateway ensures that all contact lists, email content and reports remain private and confidential. Ebiz Gateway may scan the content of your campaigns to ensure it complies with our agreement. - to protect against defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, or threatening material that is racially or ethnically offensive.

Ebiz Gateway will not sell, rent, loan or invite external access to a customer's contact lists. Nor will Ebiz Gateway themselves use customer's contact lists for it own purpose.

Ebiz Gateway will honor all unsubscribers requests (including feedback-loop removals from ISP’s such as AOL, Hotmail, MSN, RoadRunner and others…). Additionally, our team maintains a global do-not-send (blocked) list and will permanently add all removal requestswithin 72 hours.

CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (S. 877) - Summary:

The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act requires:

1- Unsolicited commercial e-mail messages must be clearly labeled. 2- To include opt-out instructions and the sender's physical address and correct business email address. 3- prohibits the use of deceptive subject lines and false headers in such messages.

The FTC is authorized (but not required) to establish a "do-not-email" registry. State laws that require labels on unsolicited commercial e-mail or prohibit such messages entirely are pre-empted, although provisions merely addressing falsity and deception would remain in place. The CAN- SPAM Act takes effect on January 1, 2004.

Click here for more details and to read the complete version online.

eBizgateway.net users are strictly prohibited from using UCE (spam) in their marketing efforts, and are subject to immediate termination if they do so.

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